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Something just struck my head when I had a constant chat with a beloved friend and he popped the question --- “how on earth did I thrive in the desserts for almost 4 years now?”

Actually I just blabbed him with a lot of crappy anecdotes on how simple and how boring must it have been for others to follow the routines that I do here or at least to consider me anti-social for making it through in the seemingly-anti social-scenario environment available here in Yanbu, Saudi Arabia. I used to have half-half reactions before to friends who seemed to look down on my social life here. Well, partly true, I and some teaching colleagues here are mostly confined to malls and the beach as places to visit. Who would have enjoyed a scorching heat that rises to almost 42 degrees and which the sun sets almost at 7:30 p.m.? Partly, I wouldn’t blame them. But again, after introspecting with the question a friend had just retorted above, I guess, I could probably reply that the answer to that question had something to do with me being wired and most of the time electronically glued to the internet.

When I was on my first year, I used to really miss my family most of the time and had sudden homesick attack from time to time. After purchasing my first ever laptop at the age of 26, I guess all of what I felt to have missed back home would soon be available once I had my internet connection. That was what I thought could make me busy for quite some time. And sure I was. Until now, it still is.

I just could not imagine trying a week or so without access to the cyberspace and not seeing or logging in to my facebook, friendster, skype, yahoo, ym, msn, windowslive and twitter accounts. I even had twitter alarmed me in the morning replacing my analog alarn clock to do its job. I am trying not to be OC with regard to my wiredfulness over these indispensable icons. I cancelled my multiply, myspace and googletalk accounts for the reason that I am just having duplicated accounts and unnecessary reasons to waste my time on my PC and had nothing left to do for quite a time. I needed some personal-self control over my life again, as once I’ve told myself. These icons are there for me to manipulate and control and not the opposite. Right now, I just simple follow a ECN RULE (Email.Chat.Network Rule) and this time, it has to be of lesser dispense on how I used my web icons for more productive purposes. Skype and ym simply for family chat, msn for school chat, facebook and friendster for social networking, yahoomail for official email correspondence, hotmail for schoolmails and gmail for online mails. I am also trying to be less visible in cyberia as much as possible and allow my laptop to hibernate for once I a while if not at least I do random virus-checking and PC defragmenting routines.

I am looking forward to my coming home to Manila again after 2 more months because there I always claim my life back. I am the person that I used to be – enjoying and nurturing webless life with the sheer joy and simplicity of chatting, networking and laughing out loud (LOLS) with my friends and families, this time – face to face and with personal impact closer to them physically, without the dire need to check any SMS, MMS or even who had just poked me in FB.

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Just want to restart a gnawing interest to my blogs again. And the best platform to re-initialize my writing passion is through the of course.

I just want to reveal here in this post that I have been to a specific place in the Hijaz that no other Christians or non-Muslims would dare to leave. Thanks of course to my friends for bringing me to this secret place for day and for letting me appreciate a new right frame of experience to view a unique culture and a different custom. How I wish I could reveal the place’s name, but I’d rather not because it could cause my life and career if I do that. So much for that teaser.

Finally, I also had the greater chance to finally step my feet on the finest sands that I’ve only seen in those Panday movies where the late King FPJ would slather to thin pieces a multitude of black zombies and hauled to his deathbed his arch enemy Lizadro ( played by the late Max Alvaradu, teka patay naba si Max Alvaradu?) who would have a very feisty fight on the deserts of the Philippine soil ( unimaginable right?) but there is a real desert found in the windy and sunny parts of the Northern Ilocandia. Those sand were really so refined that they glide smoothly to your finger holes.

Finally, I am just happy and exhilarated by the wonders and the great photo shopping help Picassa 3 has done to my pohotos and bulk of images. I discovered this through the knowledge of previous colleague at YUC, Mr. Chris Teggatz and he said that it really does organize files and that sort of thing. I did believe him and until now, I couldn’t be any more thankful by the wonders it does to all my photoshots.

Starting The Year Off With A Slam!

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Slumdog Millionaire Slams to Its Core!

It is official.

The year to start the Year of the Ox with a bang is by bringing forth a kick to my blogs. I have created 20 entries last 2008 that may have displeased and somehow inspired my readers, but, more of so, this blogging hobby is for the curious and the extemporaneous me who never wielded my self-expression through speaking but into writing. So I hope to at least duplicate the 20 entries I wrote last year, if not, triplicate it.

I am supposed to prepare a New Year's Resolution wannabe entry to conform to traditional year start blog entries that are readable anywhere in cyberia. But I opted to grind the year by kicking a start of featuring a film review that I have recently seen last week. Let us start the new year with a bravado of intensity, shall we?

Again, it is official. I am placing SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE in my top ten lists of favorite movies of all time. I am just so in dilemma erasing Jiboro and replacing it with Slumdog. For a movie aficionado like me, there can be nothing lesser than downgrading on your list of favorite films, especially when we talk of Top 10 lists. After carefully considering all that are criterions why I love and continuously falling in love with films, I guess, it is a no-brainer that Slumdog Millionaire deserves all the accolades that it has been spinning wildly in the entertainment world nowadays.


Slumdog Millionaire is the latest renaissance film directed by Trainspotting director Mr. Danny Boyle whose films are notoriously famed for its intense, raw and fast-paced rock and roll plots. He makes film for viewers to enjoy to the edge of their seats. His films will shock you visually and technically. After Trainspotting, Danny Boyle has never been in the buzz anymore until now that his new masterpiece Slumdog Millionaire had yet captivated worldwide audiences because of its simplistic but over the edge narrative of a young Indian call center whose life has changed after winning India's Who wants To Be A Millionaire game show with a whooping 20 million Indian rupees, the biggest in its history ever won by a person.

Why is this film worthy of my honorable list?

Let me say, that it has so have the most important ingredient that I always look when I do watch movies – it is screenplay or its script to the layman. I have never read and seen such a simple but poetic and very grunge and intense movie lines anywhere in a movie since Schindler's List, Titanic and now Slumdog Millionaire. It has been predicted to be a screenplay shoo-in for February's Academy Awards, more of so, as this year’s recipient for Best Picture and Best Director (Crossing Fingers for them?).
The start of the movie catapulted when it showed a Who Wants to Be A Millionaire thought provoking question that introduces the tempera of the movie: It asks:


With that alone, you are sure to expect a fiery and visually stimulating scenes all around the length of the film, not only because of Danny Boyle's directing and screenplay at the helm but also because of the plot of the story which seemed simple and yet powerful in its delivery. What I also did like in the movie is how it encapsulated present impoverish conditions of Mumbai India to the whole world. This provides a genuine back draft of what it means to live a hard life and fight for a survival in the real world. The Philippines can totally find a semblance of similar situations as what is pervasively seen in our newer indie films about poverty and poor life. The characters in the movie namely Jamal, Salim and Latika created a harmoniously exciting, exhilarating, exquisite tale of long lost love, rags-to riches, action and betrayal and to some extent a lot of heartbreaking and seductively romantic retelling of the will to find true love and happiness. The movie has it all. It is that mixture and perfect balance of the contemporary ideals vis-a-vis the modern attack to storytelling. This is why I loved this movie so much. It sets foot on the world that we are now, its reality and aspirations.
After watching this movie last week twice, I guess, I suddenly has gotten the drive to start my blogging year right by simply as well writing what I write best in my blogs and it is to write about what moves me when I am provoked intellectually and inspirationally. This movie Slumdog Millionaire is all I have ever need to rock my world this 2009.

It has not only touched on the reality of hard work to achieve something in life. It had also affirmed in me that the failures and the challenges that are present in our lives may seemed overwhelming as they looked like, but I guess, like what Jamal did in the movie, he just followed his heart and destiny. He worked hard, did not forget what his past experiences had taught him, dreamed bigger for what he has aspired for and in the end, succeeded, with the right kind of success that he could have hardly wished of. This is the lesson I learned after watching this movie. And by the way the actors are that fantastic looking too, before I forget.

Let us cross fingers for an Oscar Best Picture 2009 for Slumdog dear readers.


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I missed writing in my own language, which is Tagalog (I am half Ilocano and half Visayan though). And what’s a good honor to celebrate the pride there is to find in the Filipino spirit than to write about a blog about the Philippine’s Most Sought After Modern Day Hero – Manny Pacman Pacquiao in the language that I know best which is Tagalog. I am sure I am still conversant and is proficient to the language that nurtured me.


Nuong nakaraang Sabado, Disyembre 6, 2008, muling humito ang pag ikot g mundo s archipelago ng abnsang Pilipinas, ayun nga sa mga impormasyun meru ang PNP at ang NBI 0% crime rate s abansa nuong mga oras na iyun kasi lahat ay nakatutuk sa kni kanilang mga telebisyun, Walang traffic sa lansangan. Bukas ang mga sinehan ng SM ng alas siyete ng umaga. Ni hindi mabagsakan ng karayum sa katahimikan ang dulut ng Manny Pacquiao at Oscar Dela Hoya Match. Isa itung kinikilalalng labanan ng pinakasikat at pinakamagaling sa larangan ng boksing sa buong mundo.


Si Manny Pacquaio ns siguru ang maituturing ng ating henerasyun na isa sa pinakamagaling na boksingeru na naporduyus ng bansa kung di man kasing hanay ng status na nakamtan nuong ni Flash Elorde. Siya na din and nagsisilbing bayani ng bansa dahil dumating at nagbigay siya ng karangalan sa ating kapuluan nung panahun na nangangailangan ang bawat Pilipino ng matatawag nilang idolo or bayani. Sa dami ng mga suliranin merung kinahaharap ang ating bayan, hayun si Manny kaliwat kanan ang suntukan upang iuwi ang kampyunatu sa kanyang mga paligsahan. Sa bawat panalu ni Manny naiuuwi niya rin ang limpak limpak na milyunes dulut ng bugbug saradu niyang katawan. Hindi talaga mahirap kitain ang milyun, lalu na ngat phunan mo ang iyung buhay at kalakasan sa paligsahan na boksing.

Hindi ako isang panatiko ng sports na boksing pero tanging si Manny Pacquiao ang nagbigay ng eksayment tuwing laban niya sapagkat lagging may aabanagan sa kanyang mga match. Minsan nga akala mo dehado na siya gugulatin ka nalang ng bilis ng kanyang kamao at ng kanyang bangis at malalamn mo na lang na na-knock niya na naman ang kanyang kalaban sa ring. Mangilang boksingeru na rin ang sumubuk sa kanyang korona pero hanggang sa ngayun hindi pa rin nila mapabagsak si Pacman. Kaya naman sinabi ng mga panatiko na ang laban nung Sabadu ang isa sa mga pinakaabangang match sa buong dekada ng boksing sapagkat ditu pagsasabungin si Dela Hoya na isa ring tanyag s akanyang dibisyun at si Pacquaio na isa rin sa tinaguriang kampyon sa pound by pound dibisyun ( Hirap itagalog shet!)


Ang buhay na dinanas ni Pacquiao ay isang panginip para s aibang tau na umaasa na sa bandang huli ng parte ng kanilang mga buhay ay marating alin man sa hingap ng tagumpay ng isang pambansang kamao. Ang iba nga minsan OA na rin sa pagbibigay pugay sa katagumpayan na itu pero hidni ko s aminamaliit ang alin man sa mga katagumpayan na iyun. Ako ay mananatiling isang Pacmanian kagaya ng iba na sila ay Vilnmanian or Noranian man. Hindi kailanman naging masama ang mangarap at maghangad ng labis at maganda sa iyung buhay. Ako man ay produktu ng aking mga imhinasyun at pangarap na hanggang nagyun ay pilit ko pa ring tinataglay upang iaangat ang kalakaran ng pamumuhay merun ang aking pamilya at pati na rin ang kalakaram merun ang mga tau sa paligid ko. Hindi ko mararating ang yaman at ang tagumpay merun si Pacquaio pero hindi bat yun ang tunay na kabuluhan merun ang lahat ng kanyanag narating.

Taglay Ni Pacman ang disiplina at ang kasipagan na hindi lahat ng Pilipino ay merun. Walang kintatakutan at walang buurungan sa anu man laban. Iyan ang pilosopiya na nagbibigay lakas sa kanyang mga kamao. Nagyun kung ikaw at ako at ang lahat ng walumpung ilyung Pilipino sa buong mundo ay gagawing inspirayun ang laban at ang hamun merung Pilosopiya si Pacquia, sigurudung hindi lamng aabut sa milyung milyung tagumpay ang maidudulut nitu sa ekomomiya. Ang tunay na tagumpay na nagmumula sa pagdisiplina sa sarili, na tuparin ang mga pangarap at magbalik tanaw sa kabutihan merun ang ibang tau at ang bayan, hindi kalaunan magiging angat at maangas ang bansang Pilipinas.

Pero sa bawat laban ay may natatalu at nanalu, ngayun ikaw na ang bahalang mamili kung anung laban ang gustu mong kahinatnan?